It has only just begun.

I have finished up my schooling(crap, my sarcasm font is not working). I will never ever be done learning. Everyday I read some snippet about code that makes me want to get lost in pages and pages of articles trying to wrap my head around a new idea. Unfortunately, there are still only so many hours in the day. Now that I am done with school, the job hunt has begun. I am actively applying to numerous awesome jobs. I have already had some interviews and those alone taught me so many lessons. But the biggest lesson, is that it has all just begun. I have barely scraped the surface of what software engineering is. I have so much to still learn and could not be more excited for it. For now, my current goal is finding a job working with some awesome people on some awesome code. I am so pumped to see what comes from all this job searching/applying.


5 thoughts on “It has only just begun.

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    • the job search is going good. TIY is one that cant be beat in the way of dev schools. If you have any questions specifically about the programs, feel free to ask.

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