New Persepctives

I am currently a TA at The Iron Yard. I get to help people everyday, even in the smallest of ways. Only a short time ago I was just a student struggling to get through my first week of class. Now I’m a software engineer / Teaching assistant. That is freaking awesome!

I get to come into TIY each day and help people, wether its with their code or simply by letting them know that it’ll be ok. That what they are doing is worth it 110%. I get to help someone that is in the same position I was, that might be having the same anxious thoughts I was or simply having a hard time understanding a .each loop. I don’t know about you, but I love being able to help people and that is what goes on day in, day out here at TIY. TAs helping instructors, instructors helping TAs, instructors helping students, TAs helping students, students helping students… so much help!!! This is where the new perspective begins…

I have such a greater respect for the instructors here because of being able to help. I could easily tell someone what to type to get what they want working, but instead I have to dissect their code in my head, formulate a good way to solve their problem and then get them to figure out how to solve their problem without ever actually telling them the answer. That is freaking hard! So this is my hat off, my nod to all instructors at The Iron Yard. You guys/gals are freaking awesome!!

“Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee, and do not try to make the universe a blind alley.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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