just the beginning part II…

I recently started a new job. it is freaking awesome. I work with a tons of incredibly smart individuals that are far beyond what I only hope to become. They make me look forward to what I hope to become. I have been given the option recently to complete my project in the languages I am used to writing in or to write it in something completely new. I have decided to take that path “less traveled”. I want to expand my knowledge base as much a possible so I went with the ‘not knowing’ route.

I will not lie, it has been hard, even trying at times. What I know I could accomplish in a mere hour with something like rails/ruby, takes me a solid hour to 4 in JS/Node/Express/Angular. I spend most of my time just googling how to do something or looking at other individual’s code examples. Which makes me want to post more and more tutorials on how to do things because god knows they have been a saving grace for me (and yes, I am going to start writing more and more technical tutorials and tidbits on this blog)… So to those of you that provide open source material and tutorials for dudes like me, I appreciate you.

**I started this post at the beginning of the current project I was working on and time is quickly approaching to the end. I have learned so much about the MEAN stack and couchDB. I never thought I would be creating an API with node. It’s awesome. The days seem to go by too quick. I have created a node module in my app for scheduling jobs (queries to run against selected DBs on selected servers). It may not be the craziest piece of code written, but I wrote it! Everything from event emitters, to chaining underscore methods, to using document stores in a noSQL db, to using streams to cut down on memory footprint. It has been a blast… and its only just the beginning!! I can’t wait to see how much I know in another 6 months time. Having the chance to learn tons of new things everyday make using the word ‘work’ seem almost wrong. Because on the FUNdamental level, yes, that is what it is, but it is so hard to call what I do “work”.

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. -Pablo Picasso


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