PASSION. MUSIC. This magnificent beauty that enables that most amazing of feelings, the down right worst of feelings and every little emotion in between. Music has this innate ability to take us to any place in time. It enables us to time travel throughout our experiences in life. It allows individuals of every single background to come together to enjoy a similarity, music.

I was once told that to see into a person’s soul you must look into their eyes. I believe music gives us the ability to look into an individual’s soul without ever looking into their eyes. Music is one of the purest forms of self expression in the world. Wether the content of the song has positive connotation attached or negative, it provides us with this brief glimpse into the true feelings of the songwriter. Their art is what allows this escape.

This art that allows us to go out on friday and dance like there is no tomorrow. This art that allows us to sit at home on a depressed feeling evening reminiscing about things that are better left in the past. This art that reminds us of the favorite songs of individuals who have passed. This art that allows us 3 minutes and 42 seconds of absolute peace because it can take us back to that one moment that was unlike any else. This art is what these individuals create without ever knowing they are producing these moments. They provide us with it not because of the necessity to give us these feelings, but to show their own.

I had the extreme privilege of touring with an incredible artist many years ago. He is what I believe to be the true essence of an artist. Not just an artist but an incredibly talented one. I can remember back to a specific weekday when we shared a phone call about passion. About how it was every individual’s responsibility to not only find something they are passionate about, but to follow those passions no matter the cost. We discussed the love and dedication it takes to pursue that life. We discussed the rewards that are captured for choosing such a life, as well as the hardships that are felt. He understood better then anyone these feelings.

These feelings that are not restricted to only “artist” to feel, but to any single human being that is brave enough to find what they truly love. To find what makes their life more fulfilled then anything else. To find what drives them to dump every last feeling they may carry into it and to sacrifice whatever it takes to continue pursuing no matter what the hardships or negative events. To live a life without passion and drive, is to not live.

So to every single person who has decided to do what they love, to follow their passion, to disregard what others may consider “not normal”… you fucking rule. You are the person more should aspire to be. You are what gives hope to those who only need to understand the power of passion. Because our passion is what will produce not only the greatest of results, but the most true.

I normally finish these off with a quote.. but tonight I leave you with a video of a friend. A friend who understands the true aspects of sacrifice to follow their passion and the beauty that can come from it.


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