biggest risk…biggest reward

im not entirely sure i ever predcited what would come of my 2012 adventures. I set out to do something that not a lot of individuals would willingly do. I think in the back of my head i had smething to proive, but in reality, i think i. needed to come close to death. I think I. needed ti see that all i have in the united states is a blessing, first and foremost. I needed to see that there are souls all over the world that would give whatever they can to achieve a fraction of what i have. I am not bragging. I am a lucky individual that has been wise enough to listne to the inner voice that my soul screams. I never knew it existed though, not until my grandmother shared with me joseph campbell. she taught me to follow my passion, to be true to myself, and to live. Living is important, it teaches you, influences you, opens your mind, opens your eyes, opens your heart. we must all remember to always live in this moment.


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